How to change DDC billing model, SLA or vCPU performance class


There are 3 options that cannot be changed for an existing Datacenter:

  • Change of DDC billing model (from Allocation Pool to PayAsYouGo model or vice versa)
  • Change of DDC SLA (Basic, Standard, Advanced)
  • Change of vCPU performance class (0.6Mhz/1.2Mhz/1.8Mhz/FullSpeed per vCPU)

While it is not possible to process these changes from the menu, there is a manual work around procedure. Please be aware of the restrictions/dependencies as described in the next section!

Important to know

  • A New DDC is required: As it is not possible to change these parameters in existing DDCs, you will have to create a new DDC with the new target parameters (new SLA, new billing model, new performance parameters) in the DCS Portal and move the VMs from your existing-, to the new DDC.
  • Existing public IP locked: Keep in mind that existing public IP adresses are locked on the vCNS edge gateway, which is still connected to the old DDC. The edge gateway cannot be reattached to the new DDC. Therefore you will either have to keep your existing DDC in place (even if its empty after moving the vApps/VMs) or work with new public IPs (you lose all existing public IPs!).
  • Internal virtual network needed: If you keep your old DDC and your IPs, there is also a permanent internal virtual network connection required, between the existing and the new DDC. It ensures, that the existing public IPs are still pointing to the VMs in the new DDC
  • Resources consuption: Empty DDCs will still consume a small amount of DDC resources due to the running edge gateway. This will be shown under the corresponding DDC on the DCS invoice.
  • Set to "shared": DDC vOrg networks must be set on "shared" BEFORE moving vApps/VMs to the new DDC.

Generic step-by-step explanation

  • Create a suitable backup of affected VMs (e.g. Create a template of the vApps with the VMs that have to be migrated and export it)
  • DCS portal: Create a new DDC with the desired target parameters (SLA, billing mode, vCPU performance class)
  • vCD: Migrate vApps/VMs (STOPPED vApps/VMs can be moved to different DDCs under the same contract by right-clicking them and selecting the "move to..." option. Be sure to UNATTACH all networks from VMs and vApps before you move them, in order to make the setup easier.)

Unattach networks from vApps/VMs

  • After the move you can reattach the "old" EON back to your machines.

Reattach networks to vApps/VMs

  • Testing (functionality, IP availability)

In case you are unsure, please contact DCS profesional services - we are happy to support you.

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